Statement on Dave Strano

It has recently come to our attention that Dave Strano, a founding member of Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club, has demonstrated a history of betrayal, and sexual and psychological abuse, and we issue this statement in solidarity with the survivors of those behaviors.  The General Defense Committee is charged with the defense of the working class and other oppressed people.   The clear pattern of abuse committed by Dave is oppressive on many levels, and the survivors need our support.

August 13th Solidarity Against Hate Report Back

The IWW Greater Seattle General Defense Committee put a wide-reaching public call-out to amass a significant contingent of individuals and organizations to confront yet another hateful “Freedom” rally by Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer scheduled for August 13th. Sure enough, the rally was attended by white supremacist groups like Cascade Legion, the self-proclaimed “Western-chauvinist” Proud Boys, Anthony Parish the homophobic street preacher, and many other far-right bigots marching in the name of “free speech”. 

Snakes in the Grass: Who is Benefitting from Joey Gibson’s Rallies?

On Christmas Eve, 1985, David Lewis Rice murdered Annie, Charles, Colin, and Derek Goldmark at their home in Seattle because he mistakenly thought they were Jewish communists. He was an active member of a Christian Patriot group called the Duck Club, who promoted the anti-Semitic and anti-communist views he claimed as motivation for stabbing and beating a family to death on the eve of a major Christian holiday. The group maintained its innocence of any incitement to violence, but they never explained why he was involved with the group.

Defend Charlottesville

The Greater Seattle General Defense Committee stands with Solidarity Cville and we support their call to action to oppose August 12th’s Unite the Right event. We ask that you stand with them too.

Fascism should never have a platform and must be opposed.


Countering Islamaphobia in Seattle on Jue 10th

On June 10, ACT for America held several Islamophobic “anti-Sharia” demonstrations in major cities throughout the nation. ACT for America is a recognized hate group dedicated to propagating Islamophobia. In Seattle, their rally was met with an overwhelming response organized by a broad coalition of community leaders and representatives from local organizations. Safety, maintaining positive messaging, and engaging community members in an educational way were the main goals set by the local Muslim community.

Community Alert: Man Caught Attacking Unhoused Individual on Capitol Hill

Yesterday afternoon, on Saturday May 13th, a member of the Greater Seattle General Defense Committee and their partner were walking on Capitol Hill when they came upon a man hitting and kicking an unhoused individual who was on the ground by the Rite Aid on the corner of John and Broadway. While everyone else on the streets seemed happy to ignore the situation, our member and their partner immediately stepped in and confronted the attacker, demanding that he step back from the victim.